Amateur surgeon horrace

YO MAMMA!!!!!!!Template:Needs pictureDwayne Pipe (Horrace) was once Dr.Bleed's student and the reason all of his failed surgeries. He appears in both Amateur Surgeon 1 and 2 as the main antagonist. In the first and second game he is Alan's patient and he is operated twice. In the second game he is the president and uses his position to sabotage Alan Probe as revenge. And, because this, Horrace poisoned Dr. Bleed (in the first time, he survive, but in the second, he died). Dwayne Pipe is a skilled assassin for killing (or poisoned) several people, until Aureola, Alan Probe wife.

In all its operations, he has problems with bugs, such ants and bees, being caracterized by great difficulty, so he is always the boss of the acts (excluding the act 2, Amateur Surgeon).Also in all operations (excluding the first of it), it starts with 20 BPM in your heart rate.

In Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition (or X-Mas), he is the third patient (with the name "???"), and you discover after performing your surgery.