Need A LOT of help here!!Edit

Please feel free to edit,create,and write articles about Amateur Surgeon here !!

Currently needing a lot of help to set the page up and running for every player :D

Now needing 5 kinds of people helping Amateur Surgeon wiki to go on:

1. Picture specialist

We need many pictures to set up this page and make it look good.

2. Article writer

The people who write and edit the articles.

3. Link Person

The people who set up the links. Many links are needed to keep this site running.

4. Video

In case "articles" don't help our fellow players hacking and slashing through the game, we need videos.

5. Master Surgeons

Recruiting four surgery extraordinaires. Why? Well, in case the links are wrong or the pictures are strange, or anything else of the sort.

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

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